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Published Jul 28, 2017 | Brittany Hillen –

EyeEm has revealed the finalists for its fourth annual photography contest, the largest competition of its kind. Chosen from more than 590,000 submissions, these photos are contending for the top spot in one of five different categories: ‘The Street Photographer,’ ‘The Great Outdoors,’ ‘The Portraitist,’ ‘The Architect,’ and ‘The Photojournalist.’ The 100 selected photos can be viewed on EyeEm’s awards website.

According to EyeEm, more than 88,000 photographers from around the globe submitted photos for consideration. The images chosen from the submissions will be judged by a panel of judges that include National Geographic Traveler’s Director of Photography Anne Farrar, Refinery29’s photography director Toby Kaufmann, BBC Picture Editor Emma Lynch, EyeEm’s 2016 winner Zacharie Rabehi, and others.

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