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Bring characters to life with new Texture Painting; channel the masters with new Glazing Brushes. Work faster with an improved UI, Artist Layouts and boosted performance.

OTTAWA, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – Aug. 9, 2016) –

Introducing Corel® Painter® 2017, the latest version of the industry’s most powerful and creative digital paint software which continues to set the standard for professional artists. With an expansive collection of painting tools, Painter 2017 not only offers an unrivaled ability to emulate traditional art, but also the power to redefine what’s possible in digital art. Ground-breaking features like Texture Painting, Dab Stencils and Glazing Brushes offer incredible power to a range of creative sectors and workflows. Boosted performance comes together featuring an easier-to-use interface with enhanced property bars, new Artist Layouts and Palette Drawers, making it faster than ever to create your masterpiece.

“Each version of Painter pushes the envelope by consistently adding new features that quickly become the benchmark for professional artists of every background and industry,” said Chris Pierce, Product Manager for Corel Painter. “With Painter 2017, we’re innovating with features like Texture Painting which provides new possibilities for your artwork and can even help transfer your Painter techniques to the world of 3D. Artist Layouts give you the tools you need to work in any style, while performance enhancements deliver the power you need to create on a deadline.”

“Whether you’re making characters come to life for a video game or animation, capturing someone’s soul in a portrait, or captivating readers with a manga adventure, you’ve never experienced a more creative or inspiring artistic environment,” added Pierce.

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New features in Painter 2017 deliver incredible creative possibilities to artists working in fine art, gaming, film, comics, manga, photography, illustration and beyond:

  • NEW! Texture Painting: Bring any character, environment or object to life with new texture painting. Create or import a texture source inspired by earthly and industrial materials, skin types or even art styles and then seamlessly blend the source directly into your painting. Take advantage of full control over the texture color, luminance, location and distortion to create an amazingly realistic work of art.
  • NEW! Artist Layouts: Just getting started with your new project in concept art, fine art, illustration, photo art or manga? With just the click of a button, Painter will automatically streamline and organize its user-interface layout to bring you the essential tools and controls needed for your particular workflow.
  • NEW! Dab Stencils: Intelligently mask your brush dab before applying paint to the canvas. Work with enhanced control and creativity for everything from basic blending brushes to watercolors and even impasto. Choose from a variety of stenciling media to achieve a subtle and controlled application of artistic elements in your final work.
  • NEW! Glazing Brushes: Control the evolution of your painting using velvety, translucent paint transitions inspired by the work of Renaissance masters. Revolutionary smoothing within the dab opacity will eliminate any harsh transitions and evenly blend colors for a luminescent finish.
  • NEW! Interactive Gradient Tool: Quickly sculpt, color and shade your masterpiece with newfound speed, precision and control. Simply drag and drop a gradient and edit the color and opacity in the context of your painting using the enhanced node control. Modify the transparency, merge modes and smoothing to further fine-tune and get the exact look you want.
  • NEW! Gradient Express Paint: Whether you need a backdrop for your new concept design or photo art, or want to quickly fill a large area with rich, stroke-filled paint, the new Gradient Express Paint feature allows you to apply a wide variety of painting styles automatically to any gradient.
  • NEW! Palette Drawers: Now you can organize palettes and reduce clutter by freeing up precious painting real estate. Combine panels, brush variants and custom palettes in a convenient grouping that can be opened and closed on command.
  • NEW! Workflow and Interface Enhancements: Work faster than ever with the enhanced Property Bar that gives instant access to brush selection, brush controls, papers, flow maps and more. With the updated Brush Selector, eliminate the need for multiple clicks every time you want to grab a brush. Use the enhanced Eyedropper tool to get the exact color you want, when you need it.

Pricing and Availability:

Painter 2017 is available in English, German, French, Japanese and Traditional Chinese for $429 USD/ $499 CAD / EUR 424.95 / £314.95. Registered owners of any previous version can purchase for the upgrade price of $229 USD/ $269 CAD / EUR 218.95 / £159.00.

Find the 30-day free trial, box and electronic download versions at

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