Canvia Digital Art Frame

Canvia represents a long-desired device that empowers ‘art as an experience’ for art enthusiasts and maintains an authentic look at the same time.

Not all art is created equal, especially in the “smart art” category. Palacio Inc. is making this distinction with a successful crowdfunding campaign for the interactive art display, Canvia.

Raising more than $325,000, the Silicon Valley startup’s tech art vision is becoming a tangible reality, in part due to its refined art experience powered by ArtSense technology. This proprietary processing takes every image and every viewing condition into consideration for a different level of required adjustment.

ArtSense technology makes the Canvia display realistic like a real painting or print in addition to preserving texture, color and brushstrokes. Setting itself apart from competing digital art displays, Canvia solves the aspect ratio issue of different image sizes using re-positioning and zoom. Zoom also allows the ability to view the details of any part of the artworks.

Canvia’s other differentiator includes a whole world of exclusive art at a user’s fingertips. Palacio’s growing library focuses on current and contemporary genres with over 500 current artists participating on the platform with a nominal subscription fee and access to 3000 artworks for free.

“Canvia represents a long-desired device that empowers ‘art as an experience’ for art enthusiasts and maintains an authentic look at the same time,” said Rahul Ranjan, Founder and CEO of Palacio Inc.

The brand enables users to change their artwork with the seasons, mood, time of day, occasions and more with the touch of a phone or web app. For those looking to feature their very own content, they can simply upload it. Canvia easily transitions decor without breaking the bank on expensive artwork. Now art lovers can enhance their spaces in a hassle-free way that doesn’t require patching any walls from past frames or finding studs to put up new pieces.

Look for Canvia’s newest release this month, a multi-device control desktop app. Convenient for multi-unit installation, now multiple devices can be managed from a single console or app.

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About Canvia: The future of art is here with Canvia. Each frame is connected to a huge library of art and photography, which can be accessed directly from an app. Access thousands of works for free or choose a paid subscription for award-winning, exclusive contemporary works from internationally renowned artists and photographers. Canvia uses proprietary image processing and built-in sensors to make any digital image of art look like a real painting or high-quality print.