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March 4, 2020

Building the Next Photo & Video Ecosystem

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As I often get questions about which photo or video vendors exist in specific market segments, I thought it was a good idea to map a sizable number of them along the typical stages of the imaging workflow:
Scroll past the infographic below to read how I defined these stages and how I categorized the 200+ companies (or their main brands).
Click here to view the most up-to-date version at higher resolution.
About this infographic
Companies (or their main brands) listed here are categorized along the typical stages of the imaging workflow:
Capture: Hardware
  • Including standalone cameras, smartphones, flashes, drones, action cams, 360 cameras
Capture: Camera software, AR
  • Including camera apps, scanning apps, AR apps
Capture: Scanning & Photo taking services
  • Including volume photo shoot services, gig photography services, scanning/digitizing services
Enhance: Compress, Edit, Combine
  • Including photo/video compression software, photo editing or enhancement apps, collage or montage apps, mashup apps, music video apps
Manage: Store, Organize, Find
  • Including device or cloud storage solutions, image recognition apps, image rights management solutions
View, Share, Sell
  • Including digital frames, portfolio services, photo marketplaces, stock photo services, sharing apps
Print: B2B
  • Including photo print service providers, photo print middleware technology, B2B kiosk providers, photo printer companies
Print: B2C
  • Including photo print product apps or web services, kiosks, consumer photo printers
Although many companies participate in multiple categories, we assigned them to the single category in which they have the most important presence. (We made an exception for a handful companies that are major players in multiple categories by listing them in each category).
Where is AI in all this? As is the case with “mobile” solutions, which are represented throughout every stage of the imaging workflow, so is AI. Hence, we didn’t list it as separate category.
Some companies have since been acquired but if their brand survived, we still list them in their respective category.
All companies listed here also attended Visual 1st in recent years.
This is a 1.0 version of a living document: let us know if we missed anything! Also, we’ll add companies that will attend Visual 1st 2020 after Oct. 14-15.
All company and product names, logos, trademarks and registered trademarks shown here are property of their respective owners and are shown for identification purposes only.

And a few more things…

Photomyne. Scanning negatives. Previous Visual 1st Best of Show winner Photomyne is at it again! Photomyne launches FilmBox, an app that turns your iPhone into a film negative scanner.
Mixbook. Martha Stewart. Mixbook partners with Martha Stewart, resulting in an array of DIY photo book, card and stationery designs that encapsulate the aesthetic of the Martha Stewart brand. And yes, Martha looks younger than ever.
Fujifilm. New instant camera; new flagship mirrorless camera. Fujifilm’s new Instax Mini 11 features automatic exposure based on lightness conditions, a selfie mode and 5 pastel colors that we’ve all been craving for. What’s more: the shutter button glows in the dark. Fujifilm also launches the X-T4flagship model of the X series family of mirrorless digital cameras.
CEWE & Huawei. Connecting phone to kiosk. CEWE and Huawei partner by offering fast P2P connections between Huawei phones and CEWE kiosks through Huawei Share.
What % of today’s photo product buyers use in-store kiosks? Of the kiosk users, what % place the order in a mobile app and use the kiosk to print the photo product? Why do they chose to use a kiosk for their photo print orders? For the answers to these and many other photo print product questions, check out our new 64-page 2020 Photo Products Survey.
Moment. New camera app; discontinued camera app. Smartphone lens maker Moment introduces Retro Camera, a new retro filter app for videos up to 60 seconds, its vintage filters developed with help from filmmakers. Moment also announces that it will be discontinuing the Android version of its Pro Camera app, because it has simply become too hard to keep up with all of the ‘flavors’ of Android from various phone makers.
Sony. New flagship smartphone. Sony’s Xperia 1 IIuses technology developed for its Alpha interchangeable lens cameras, including continuous autofocus and auto-exposure with superfast calculations for capturing moving subjects such as children or animals.
Vimeo. Building on its Magisto acquisition. Vimeo announces Vimeo Create. The new app includes a set of video creation tools aimed at small businesses and marketers looking to tell their stories using social video. Vimeo Create also simplifies the process of designing videos for different social platforms, where aspect ratios (e.g. square, vertical, horizontal) and format requirements vary.
Rocket Photo. Real estate photography going national. Gig photography service Rocket Photo teams up with real estate broker Berkshire Hathaway to enable its real estate agents to book gig photographers through a private national network powered by Rocket Photo. For more about the gig photography market read our Building the Gig Photo Economyreport.
Visual 1st 2020. Join us: Oct. 14-15 in San Francisco!
Hans Hartman
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