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By Hans Hartman

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It’s been fascinating to see innovative apps or services come to market that enable gig photographers (professional photographers or more casual photo hobbyists) to market their services in the frictionless manner we’re all so used to when ordering our Uber ride, booking a room through Airbnb or hiring a graphic designer through Fiverr.

The twist here is that these photo gig solutions cater to a market that has seen gig workers since its inception – long before the birth of the words “gig” (in the jazz scene during the 1920s) and “gig economy” (during the 2008-2009 financial crisis.)

Even more than the expected impact of gig photo solutions on photo consumers, the intriguing question is what the impact of these photo gig solutions will be on today’s photographers, videographers, photo editors or photo organizers. Will these solutions threaten their livelihood by lowering the barriers for newcomers to enter their market? Or will they open whole new avenues for pro photo/videographers to pursue? And who are the likely winners among the new breeds of gig photo solution vendors?

I’m wrapping up an 80+ page report that will launch next week. It will take a deep dive into 24 gig photo vendors, who are offering solutions for:

  • Photographers on Demand
  • Volume Photographers
  • Self-Promoting Photographers
  • Microstock Photographers
  • Local Guide Photographers
  • Non-Capture Photo Service Providers

Enjoy the initial insights from the Photographers on Demand chapter below, and drop me a note if you’d like to be notified when the report is available, or if you have any questions!

The case for Photographers on Demand

What if you could summon a trusted photographer to a birthday party, graduation, or business reception through the click of a few buttons on your smartphone – in the same way you might order an Uber car?

What if an app had already done the hard work for you by vetting photographers as they apply to join the service, by enabling other customers to publicly share their ratings and reviews, and by categorizing the photographers’ skill sets, pricing and the types of gigs they’re looking for, so you can make an educated choice?

What if this service not only took the friction out of finding a matching – and available – photographer, but also let you communicate with them through texts and pay them through a click on your phone?

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As a customer, whether you’re a consumer or a business, would you then consider hiring a photographer at times when you otherwise wouldn’t have done so? In other words, would you normally have settled for not having photos taken on that occasion, or for getting so-so photos from whoever happened to have taken them on their phone or camera? Or would you or your partner have ended up taking the photos instead, at the expense of not appearing in any of the photos and missing out on freely participating in the event?

Voila, the reasons for hiring a gig Photographer on Demand. A still nascent use case, but one that is already starting to resonate, in particular with millennials. Why? Millennials care more about experiences than possessions. What better way to experience photo-worthy events than to have them recorded by a pro? Don’t own the right equipment? No problem – hire a photographer instead. Costs a bit of money? No problem – it takes care of the tasks in a frictionless manner. That’s why they’re happy to pay for food deliveries through DoorDash, dog walkers through Wag!, or any nagging household tasks through TaskRabbit.

Photographers on Demand solutions not only remove friction for photography customers, but also for gig photographers when marketing, selling or administrating their photography services. Some solutions even do the editing and post-processing for the photographer, enabling them to focus on what they like to do best: taking photos.

And a few more things…

Visual 1st. Buy your VIP Early Bird Access ticket by tomorrow (May 31) with special benefits and access to affordable hotel rates!

Eversnap auction. The Eversnap App is one of the top photo-sharing apps specifically made for groups and events. To date, the Eversnap apps have captured over 20 million photos and videos from over 700,000 users and produced 750,000 albums (events/occasions). The company also offers Eversnap Photography, a 5-star guaranteed photography service comprised of professional photographers in 50 US cities. Eversnap has retained Tuck Advisors, an M&A Advisory firm, to run an auction process. For a copy of the BOM and CIM, please contact James Marciano at

Pixel 3A vs. OnePlus 7 Pro. You no longer have to pay $1,000 for a smartphone with a great camera. Which camera is better?

Fujifilm GFX 100. But if you want a camera with a 102-megapixel sensor Fujifilm’s GFX 100 is a medium format camera that performs like a mirrorless. Minor detail: it costs $9,999.95 and will start shipping June 27th, so start saving!

Samsung AI CenterDeepfakes are getting easier than ever to make, new research paper shows. The researchers’ algorithm can be trained with a single photo. More about Deepfakes in our Visual 1st fireside chat session with prof. Roman V. Yampolskiy, director of the Cybersecurity Laboratory at the University of Louisville.

Google LensWhen a camera gets smartGoogle Lens translates the text you’re pointing your smartphone camera at, copies text from the physical world to your phone, does visual searches, lets you shop for what you’re phone is seeing, and now also lets you point your phone at a dinner menu after which Lens highlights which dishes are popular. When you tap on a dish, you can see what it actually looks like and what people are saying about it, thanks to photos and reviews from Google Maps. But it’s OK to put your phone away when you start enjoying your dinner.

DotPhoton. The holy grain of compression is compressing bulky Raw files. Dotphoton Raw makes Raw quality with JPEG file size a reality.

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Hans Hartman

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