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New models from Kipon bring together the best of photography brands, including Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Leica, Sony and more, expanding creative options and delivering the highest image quality by combining best-of-breed lenses and camera bodies; lens adapters available now only at Adorama
New York, NY – August 4, 2015Kipon, the world-renowned camera adapter manufacturer, has just released a selection of innovative adapters in three different categories: Lens-to-Camera Adapters, Lens-to-Camera Tilt/Shift Adapters, and Baveyes Focal Reducer Adapters. As with all Kipon lens adapters, the new selection is available in the U.S. exclusively at and Adorama’s retail store, located at 42 W. 18th Street, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, in Manhattan, NY.

These lenses are available in a variety of filter sizes and serve as a connection between different brands of cameras and lenses, including Canon EOS, Nikon, Pentax K, Sony Alpha, Sony E (NEX), Fujifilm, Leica and many more. Kipon adapters provide photographers with the most flexibility possible in using the camera equipment they have to capture the perfect image at every angle.

Lens-to-Camera Adapters for Canon EOS to Sony NEX and Fuji X
Kipon’s newest lens-to-camera adapters are the perfect addition to every Canon lens lover’s imaging toolbox. These adapters enable Canon EOS lenses to link with most Sony NEX and Fuji X mirrorless camera bodies, marrying some of the industry’s best lenses with its leading camera models. With these adapters, the Canon EOS lens line operates automatically on the most advanced digital high-resolution Sony and Fuji cameras.

New Canon-to-Sony adapter models from Kipon include:

New Canon-to-Fuji X adapter models from Kipon include:

For all Kipon Lens-to-Camera Adapters, please visit

Lens-to-Camera Tilt/Shift Adapters for Nikon and Sony
For optical path altering, Kipon’s latest lens-to-camera Tilt/Shift Adapters provide tilt and shift functions for a wide range of lenses. A popular look in photography today, these adapters, which are compatible with and connect a number of lenses and bodies from Canon, Sony, Leica, Pentax and more, give photographers more creative options, particularly when the tilt/shift function is not available from some manufacturers. Ideal for depth-of-field control, perspective manipulation and panoramic composure, Kipon offers a variety of lens-to-camera tilt/shift adapters to accommodate a wide range of lenses and camera bodies.

New adapter models from Kipon include:

For all Kipon lens-to-camera Tilt/Shift Adapters, please visit

Kipon Baveyes Focal Reducers
With a focal reducer optic of 0.7x, Kipon’s Baveyes adapters allow photographers to use full frame lenses on APS-C sensor cameras and maintain a full field of view. Where the image would otherwise be cropped on all sides, Baveyes lens adapters enable photographers to shoot with lenses from Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Leica and more mounted to the Sony NEX and Fuji X series camera bodies, resulting in superior images with hardly any loss in angle of view. In addition to expanding the lens options for APS-C sensor cameras, Kipon Baveyes lens adaptors give the added benefit of an extra stop, meaning a faster aperture and resulting in faster shutter speeds at lower ISOs.

New adapter models include:

  • Kipon Baveyes Lens Adapter from Canon EOS Lenses To Sony NEX Body 
  • Kipon Baveyes Lens Adapter from Nikon To Sony NEX Body
  • Kipon Baveyes Lens Adapter from Olympus To Sony NEX Body
  • Kipon Baveyes Lens Adapter from Pentax Screw M42 To Sony NEX Body
  • Kipon Baveyes Lens Adapter from Leica R To Sony NEX Body
  • Kipon Baveyes Lens Adapter from Contax Yashica Mount Lenses to Sony NEX Body

For all Kipon Baveyes Focal Reducer Lens Adapters, please visit

About Adorama
Adorama is more than a camera store – it’s one of the world’s largest photography, video, imaging and electronics retailers. Serving customers for more than 35 years, Adorama’s vast product offerings encompass home entertainment, mobile computing, and professional video and audio, while its services include an in-house photo lab, AdoramaPix, pro equipment rental at Adorama Rental Company, and the award-winning Adorama Learning Center and AdoramaTV.

Adorama is listed as one of the top five electronics retailers by Consumer Reports, “Best of the Web” by, Internet Retailers Top 100, and is the official Electronics Retailer of the NY Giants. Visit Adorama at

About Kipon
Kipon makes more than 400 types of camera lens adapters including macro adapters, electronic adapters, adapters with integrated glass, optical focal reduction adapters, adapters with built in aperture control, and tilt and/or shift adapters. Available exclusively in the U.S. through leading camera and consumer electronics retailer, Adorama, Kipon adapters offer photographers full rein in customizing their gear, allowing lenses and camera bodies from different manufacturers and times, even across digital and traditional film lenses, to be combined to produce the most creative, personalized images photographers can dream of.

Kipon adapters can be found in its brand store online:

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