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Business News Visionary Honoree Adi Ignatius

DENVER, Oct. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Adi Ignatius, a veteran journalist and editor-in-chief of Harvard Business Review since 2009, has been honored by his peers as a Business News Visionary.

The distinction is bestowed on an elite group of journalists whose dedication, foresight, and talents have had a transformative impact on the profession. Ignatius’ oral history and profile are available at and will be featured in a commemorative book to be published in 2021.

“Coming aboard HBR at the tail end of the Great Recession, Adi inherited a magazine and brand rich in tradition but sorely outdated for the digital age,” said Dean Rotbart, chair and editor-in-chief of the Business News Visionary Awards. “Along with his editorial team, Adi set about transforming HBR while carefully protecting its most essential attributes and values.”

Today, Rotbart explained, HBR is a vibrant multi-channel franchise that includes videos, podcasts, webinars, books, and fresh articles published daily at

Moreover, with Adi’s guidance, HBR adopted an expanded definition of “good management” to include an ecosystem of multiple stakeholder interests, encompassing sustainability, diversity, income-equality, and inclusion.

“The research is there that when you pursue those paths, you will have a healthier, better-run, more successful company for the long term,” Adi says in his oral history. “That’s what we stand for.”

The Business News Visionary Awards are a continuation of the Business News Luminary Awards, which, in 2000, honored the 100 top business and financial journalists of the 20th century.

“The goal of this project extends beyond the celebration of the specific men and women who are profiled,” notes Terri Thompson, who introduces each journalist’s oral history.

“It is also to educate the public about the high standards to which these and so many other dedicated journalists have adhered and to offer a proven playbook for other journalists and journalism students to follow,” she says. Thompson is the former director of the Knight-Bagehot Fellowship in Economics and Business Journalism at Columbia University.

Rotbart is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated, award-winning financial journalist, former columnist with The Wall Street Journal, author, and a news entrepreneur. He, along with a panel of more than two dozen distinguished nominating judges – including past award recipients and top business news organization editors and reporters – is responsible for selecting the 2020 class of honorees.

Other Business News Visionary oral histories now available at include Karen Toulon, Bloomberg News; Stephen J. Adler, Reuters; Maria Bartiromo and Neil Cavuto, FOX Business Network; Susan Antilla, author and investigative reporter; Henry Dubroff, Pacific Coast Business Times; Nina Easton, Fortune Global Forum; and Matthew Quayle, CNBC.

Future oral histories will include Andrew Ross Sorkin, The New York Times and CNBC; Randall Lane and Kerry A. Dolan, Forbes; Stephanie Mehta, Fast Company; Derek Dingle and Alfred Edmond, Jr., Black Enterprise; Stuart Varney, FOX Business Network; Jesse Eisinger, ProPublica; Rob Cox, Reuters’ Breakingviews; Joanne Lipman, author and editor; Pattie Sellers, Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit, Peter Coy, Bloomberg Businessweek; Gregory Zuckerman, The Wall Street Journal; Reto Gregori, Bloomberg News; Daniel Roth, LinkedIn; Lawrence Ingrassia, author and former New York Times business editor; Diana B. Henriques, author and contributing writer for the New York Times; and Sarah Bartlett, dean of the School of Journalism at City University of New York.

The Business News Visionary and News Luminary Awards are made possible by the support of Monday Morning Radio, a weekly business-to-business podcast, and The Dilenschneider Group, providing an unsurpassed level of communications counsel to global clients.

Additional support is provided by, specializing in world-class portrait photography.

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