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By Jackie Dove, March 18, 2014,

Let’s imagine you’re not toting a dedicated video camera or DSLR, but rather are using the the ever-present smartphone camera in your pocket. While you can always call on Instagram or Vine for shooting and sharing video, there are so many other cool video apps out there—some free, some costing a few dollars—that it’s worth broadening your field of view to include these eight innovative selections.

One major, and somewhat non-obvious, obstacle that stumps many filmmaking novices when recording on a smartphone is, ironically, too much volume. That’s right. Each second of unnecessary video is time wasted. That footage may be meaningful to you (if only marginally), but it can add unnecessary volume and clog up your narrative.


Everyone has a friend or relative who insists on the endless, mind-numbing slideshow or video of their weekend excursion. With the apps below, no one needs to be that person ever again.



Montaj 730x411 8 of the best iOS apps for shooting and sharing video — beyond Vine and Instagram


Montaj operates on the assumption that less is not only more, but better. This free, easy-to-use app lets you compile six-second movies you either shoot in the app or import into an original video montage, and combine with your own musical soundtrack.


When clips are added to the storyboard, you assemble them into a narrative with a shake of your phone. Don’t like what you see? Shake again. It’s great for people who have something specific to express, want to get the word out quickly and artistically to their social networks, and don’t want to fuss with editing video.

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