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by PAM GROSSMAN – TheNextWeb.comIt is estimated around 1.5 trillion photos were taken over the course of 2015. Thanks to the proliferation of smart technology, imagery has grown to communicate so much that it can now be considered a universal language. Pictures are transcending language and cultural barriers to tell stories, evoke emotion and drive people to action. The age of digital perfection is dwindling and with social media and camera phones in virtually every pocket, we are becoming far more used to seeing a wide variety of aesthetics in the visual landscape.  It’s a tremendously exciting time, but one byproduct of this is that as people become more visually literate than ever before, it can be hard to stand out.

The rules are changing fast and it can be difficult to navigate the complexity of today’s consumers.  At Getty Images, our team of visual anthropologists analyze customer buying trends, advertising, social media, pop culture and billions of searches from Getty Images, to identify the next big trends in imagery. Here are the six bold new trends that you can expect to see drive visual communications in 2016.

Extended human

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Technology is having a huge impact not just on the images we see but also in the way we see ourselves. We’re becoming more self-aware, interconnected, and engaged with the world around us and each other.

Extended Human shows us how technology is enabling us to become more human – not less so. This trend shows tech in an optimistic light: driving positive change, connecting us like never before and enabling us to communicate, create, and share more intimately. It envisions a world where technology is not only embedded seamlessly into our bodies and lives, but also is something that we have a relationship with.

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